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Rev. Don







Check back soon for a new message from our new rector, Rev. Cathy Lee Cunningham.

The Rev. Don Shipton

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting the website of the Church of the Good Shepherd, in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia.

Let us tell you something about us.

We are Anglicans. We are a small church in what has been a rural community. Our surroundings, however, are changing before our very eyes. Housing developments and businesses are growing up around us daily, and we see opportunities and risks that challenge us to be the best we can be. Our rural origins have given us a strong sense of the value of relationships, hospitality, and the interdependence of people in the community. We continue to uphold the importance of friendship, of caring for one another, and having a sense of belonging. We are grateful for what God has done for us, and a little intimidated about where God may be leading us. How we respond to the realities of an influx of people of different origins and faith practices is a new challenge for us. We want to be part of the development of our community, and we want to learn how to best serve it.

Some things, however, are consistent. We come together weekly to celebrate who we are in relationship to God and with each other. We strive to be aware of – and respond to – the needs of people in our community and in the world. We affirm the worth and dignity of all human beings, and welcome them amongst us. Please join us in this exciting time of innovation, growth, and stretching of our identity and resources. If God is with us, who can be against us?

So, want to check us out? We are on Trinity Lane in Beaver Bank. Our Sunday Service is Eucharist at 10:00 in the morning – except the fourth Sunday of the Month when we have Morning Prayer. We have a welcoming song or story for the children  at the beginning of the service before Sunday School. We take pride in having liturgies that combine spiritual integrity with some degree of humour and informality. We have a creative music director and talented choir that combine traditional and contemporary music.

Personal warmth and delight in the love of God are our hallmarks. We would be pleased to extend all that we are to you.